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Recording Studio Desk

Studio RTA Producer Station

Are you looking for a producer station that offers plenty of storage room? It is true that a lot of people want compactness, but sometimes, more storage space is the key. And for producers, this is sometimes a very important thing.

A lot of recording engineers need enough room on their desk to not only put their computer monitor, keyboard, and mixing console.....but also the computer itself, some effects racks, some track books, and even some other gear.

In these cases, a larger producer station is nice, because it can help you to keep everything close and within reach.

This producer station from Studio RTA is a perfect example.

This desk features several shelves for storage, including dual 20-space racks, a pull out upper shelf, a slide out keyboard shelf, and even a cd rack where you can store up to 16 cds. It is made of high quality maple, and is beautifully finished. Not only is it heavy-duty enough to put up with the rigors of everyday studio use, but it looks nice enough that it will give off a very professional image!

The producing console is where you will be making most of your critical decisions. However, it will also be where you do a majority of the editing. Editing can be a very time consuming process, so it is important that you have a place to sit where you can be comfortable and within reach of everything.

The more times you get up to go get something, the longer it will take you! That is why this great studio desk will help you. It will save you time, which will make your efforts more efficient as you work on that next big project. You will not regret this purchase, that is for sure!

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